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Irrashaimase! Welcome October 9, 2007

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Well, I went from wanting some business cards to a website and a blog all in a week. The shakti was having a regular rave this week compared to her normal dance of the divine.

This all started thanks to my my wonderful friend and mentor, certified Anusara teacher, Christina Sell  www.christinasell.com and her workshop in Vancouver a few weeks ago. I suddenly was being asked for information on what I teach and where I teach and so was born the business card…and then the web site …and now the blog. The blog idea you can blame on Hillary Rubin  www.hillaryrubin.com – apparently this is how people find me. So if you found me congratulations! I am so lost in cyber space now maybe you can guide me home. My current home on the web is www.shibuiyoga.com.

I am hoping to travel to Japan in the next few weeks to study with John Friend so I wanted to have the blog to keep you all up to date. I practice in some exotic places- Japan, London, China, but mostly it is in hotel rooms. I hope this blog will get me out and practicing in some more inspirational places in these amazing countries. Come join me on the journey!


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