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Karma… or just good luck? November 11, 2007

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You know those days that start out really badly and suddenly get better by the minute? I am having one of those days. I am on my way to Japan to study yoga with John Friend- which was no small feat. In fact this whole adventure has been in planning since early 2007. (You can read my blog titled Om Namah Shivaya to get the background on that one). I am a planner- I love to plan- I am in my element when I am planning- and I am damn good at it. … maybe with a few exceptions.

This trip came on the heels of my husband’s ten-day business trip to China. (Read between the lines here not enough time to double check my planning) So maybe I missed a few things in the planning…like my business cards…all 500 of them! I also forgot my body part dictionary I was working on. Two things I planned months ago that fell through the cracks sometime between Halloween, dentist appointments, ballet lessons, a smoky dojo, doctor’s appointments, eye infections and a computer crash. How could it have slipped my mind?

My dear friend Maggie lent me a beautiful slick Japan friendly computer for my trip to only have the motherboard freak out. My husband saved me at the last minute with the biggest, most awkward, not so Japan friendly, laptop through work. I bought a business class employee ticket to be able to sit up front and enjoy the service I usually provide but it doesn’t guarantee the seat if its full- which it was. While all the contingent passengers waited for seats I realized I was not getting into business.  Another employee couple were in front of me and they would be given any seats available- oh well- I would still be on the plane and going to Tokyo. I practiced gratitude for at least having a seat. Then a strange thing occurred. The Japanese couple were waiting for an upgraded customer to show up and if he did not they would get the last two seats but if he did they would prefer to not be separated. So they paged Mr. Smith….and paged…and paged. The agent called my name and told me to hang on because if Mr. Smith arrived I would get the last seat in business. Are you kidding??My hope dimmed as Mr. Smith did not appear. I mentally started to cuddle in to my economy seat when a surprised Mr. Smith came running up. That’s when the darndest thing happened- I knew Mr. Smith. His family had been my passengers before and we had chatted during a long flight. And would you believe Mr. Smith remembered me. When I told him I was going to Tokyo for yoga he gave me his business card and told me he would put me in contact with his good friend in Japan- the CEO for Lululemon Japan.

The ironic thing was I was supposed to try to meet up with Lulu Japan as a former alumni ambassador but that plan went down one of those cracks last week too. So here I get to meet a perfect contact in Japan and me with no meishi  (business cards)! Mr. Smith figures Kinkos in Japan can print some for my stay.I was a little hesitant about getting in to Tokyo when I land but I know what to do- it has just been ten years since I have done it. My friend and fellow FA, Barb, is working the flight and informed me that they have a 72hour layover- in Shinjuku…do I need a free ride into downtown? See what I mean better by the minute. I think it is time to practice some more gratitude. Let’s just hope my luggage is there….


One Response to “Karma… or just good luck?”

  1. ducklady Says:

    yeah, I understand what you mean…a lot of “lucky’ things have been happening to me lately also. Hope your trip is successful and fun! My husband will be in China for the next week and a half. His company policy is to allow business class for international trips, but his manager is so cheap he made him fly economy. Last trip he actually had some type of leg cramp for several days after being in a small area for 14 hours. I wish I could get a job with an airline so we could fly for free, but that standby thing wouldn’t be too fun. Glad you got business class!

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