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Lost in Shinjuku November 11, 2007

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My luggage and I arrived in fine form and after wandering around in the rain for half an hour I found my ryokan (inn). The problem had been they used the Gotanda bowling center as the landmark…which was torn down six months ago! Tokyo is an old city so its much like Europe where roads twist and turn and change so they tend to give addresses by a numbered area- and you can literally wander in that area for hours and not find a place. I put my hundred yen in the TV and settled in to my home for the next seven days.

The only disappointments were no windows in my room and no Japanese style tub- just showers. I might have to search out a ladies spa to go have a soak one night.

 I was up at 6:30 and wandering the city by 7:30. I can make it in less than 30 minutes from the door of the ryokan to the door of the studio. That was the only thing I found easily this am. I literally walked into the building it was in as I got off the train. I spent the rest of the morning trying to find somewhere with internet. I wrote about freespot wifi in my other blog on Have internet will travel but to find freespot I needed to get on to the internet…aha…and there in lies the dilemma. Somewhere in the recesses of my mind I remembered some Shinjuku hotels having wifi in their lobbies so I found the Shinjuku Prince and in I went. Yatta! Success. Would you believe that that was the only hotel with it in Shinjuku? Do you how many hotels there are in Shinjuku? I mean this place is huge…it’s as big as all of downtown Vancouver and it’s just one small part of Tokyo. 

My golith of a computer has put a permanent dent in my shoulder. I spent three hours wandering Shinjuku and getting lost and ending up back at the Prince Hotel for more internet searching. I was getting a little embarrassed after the third time I plopped down in their lobby. After many hours I have ordered new business cards for tomorrow and I have found a great internet café right across the street from the yoga studio.  It’s just noon and I have had a day full of adventure already! I think a nap is in store for this afternoon and maybe some yoga if I can roll up my futon. Can’t wait to start training tomorrow.


2 Responses to “Lost in Shinjuku”

  1. StaceyK Says:

    Sounds like soo much fun! I want to be in Shinjuku at a Ryokan with you! (boo on no widows!) Maybe one day we will actually get to go to Japan together. I”m going to put that on my wish list of things I would love. Sounds like you’re living in every moment!

    Namaste my “sister”


  2. Una Cubana Says:

    Leanne, it really sounds like you…when I was reading your blog, I could easily imagine what you were doing there. I’m here in Toronto being chotto lonely but soon I’m going down to the tropical country to be ME again!!!
    So I’m looking forward to reading your “Nikki” again!
    How is your new dictionary???? I’m sure it is so helpful. Have lots of fun but be careful from Japanese abunai gaijin fans!!!!!Kiotsuketene!!
    Tengas muy buen viaje.
    un beso

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