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There are no coincidences November 13, 2007

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Last night we had an earthquake. I took it to be Japan’s way of welcoming me back. We used to get a couple every month when I lived here so it was like an old friend coming over to say “hi” …osashiburi! “It’s been a while!” 

Today started interestingly enough. I woke up and heard some sounds outside and rolled over to check my watch. It was 7:00 so I decided to get up and go have a shower and then go have a leisurely breakfast. I noticed my digital clock I picked up at the 100-yen store said 1:00. Stupid thing- guess that’s what you get for 100 yen. So I had my shower and came back up- gathered up my bag, got dressed and then put on my watch…the right way. You see I had been looking at my watch in the dark upside down and it was not 7:00…it was 1:00 am. I had been sleeping for only five hours! Baka– stupid girl. I was lucky enough to fall back asleep and got up again at 6:30. What a way to start day one of training! I got to Studio-yoggy and was pleased to see some familiar faces from Maui Immersion and Seattle training. I found Tomoko from Studio Yoggy Osaka to whom I have been emailing- she was sitting on the mat next to me! The most amazing thing was that there are only 50 of us (maybe 8 of us being non-Japanese)! It is unheard of to practice with John in such a small group these days. I felt very blessed to be in such a small group…though having John’s undivided attention is not always desirable. My tight shoulders shone like a red beacon in John’s sight lines and I repeatedly heard my name “Leanne, lift your left shoulder more…more…more.” I know it’s not an excuse but I am sure lugging this computer around everywhere is not helping my shoulders!

 The lecture today was on the basic principles of the philosophy. Thank you to Carol for giving me a heads up on what to review. When John got to the main point of the lecture today it was on concealment and revelation. He asked us, “If the universal world is perfect why do we have suffering in the relative world. Why is our connection, our true nature concealed?” I felt like standing up and shouting “I KNOW…my bath …my window… concealment when revealed causes more JOY! I UNDERSTAND!” But I sat there like a good student and listened with more enjoyment knowing that I truly had an understanding of this key principle. There are no coincidences. I also demonstrated parsvakonasana (side angle pose). I thought of Christina and how much she had given to me as a teacher and I ignored my tired legs and aching calves and rocked it. I inhaled in everything I have learned so far on this journey and my desire to be the best teacher I can be and exhaled out an offering to all my students, friends and family that have supported me on this amazing path. I went side to side for ten minutes and all of you were there with me. John gave me a “good job” at the end but I just nodded as I was so humbled by the responsibility I have as a teacher…your teacher. I am only a teacher because you have chosen to be my students. I am only your friend because you have chosen to be my friend. That is not a coincidence.


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