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Tokyo Kula November 14, 2007

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Me and John with the whole kula watching 

Aki and John 

Shawn ( Bangkok via Austraila) 

Tomoko (Osaka)and Amy Ippoliti,

 John and Shirley ( Bangkok via Singapore)

Cassie, Renata, and Martina (Hong Kong- Pure Yoga)

John and Yasushi-san (Tokyo/NY) just behind his shoulder- the most amazing translator I have ever heard!

 Keiko, Tomoko and I


Misako and Mika (Tokyo)

The Japanese Anusara inspired teachers are amazing- I have so much to learn from them. They are so articulate and unshy- not at all what I had expected. The bar is very , very high. Gambarimasu!


One Response to “Tokyo Kula”

  1. Lauren Hanna Says:

    Go, Girl, Go! We miss you and are with you in spirit. I love reading about your days and dream of what it must be like. Keep being the amazing person you are and absorb it all.


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