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This is no smoking???? November 16, 2007

Filed under: Japan — shibuiyoga @ 4:57 am

I have to vent. I have been living in Internet cafes during my lunch breaks and sometimes after class as well and the problem is I am starting to smell like an ashtray! I am happily plopped in a Starbucks this morning but I have no Internet or power- but at least I can breathe! 

You can still smoke pretty much anywhere in Japan and coming from the land of “no smoking anywhere” (Vancouver you can’t even smoke outside in some places); it is kind of shocking. When I go to a restaurant here in Japan I ask for no smoking…but the table right beside me is smoking! Arrrgg! The funny thing is that you can’t talk on your cell phone on the trains..only text. Courtesy and health seem to be two different things.

 I hung up all my clothes and opened the window the other night to try to air my stuff out- even my hair reeked of smoke. The sad thing is that I don’t know if the Japanese don’t care it is unhealthy or they don’t know. I remember reading that the Japanese don’t really believe that smoking causes cancer- they think that the link between smoking and cancer is over emphasized.  There is hope though. I noticed on the street outside the studio which is mostly a pedestrian street had policemen every block. I looked at their uniform and then I realized that they were by-law officers. They were enforcing a new policy- no smoking on that street. Anyone caught smoking would be given a ticket and fined. Wow- maybe there is progress.  


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