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Kaerimasu…homeward bound November 17, 2007

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Well I am now sitting in the Narita airport waiting to see if I am going to get home or not. That is the problem with travelling on your pass- you never really know if you getting to where you want to go!

I slept in a little this morning and then packed up and headed to catch the train to Narita. It was interesting. I had to go from Gotanda to Shinjuku to catch the Narita Express on the Yamanote Line- same train I have been riding all week.  When I got on the Narita Express my seat faced the back of the train and then we started down the same way I had just come from..in reverse. It was like watching my whole week rewind in front of my eyes- it was the strangest sensation. I was actually starting to feel a little nauseous after a bit- better to ask for a forward facing seat next time!

I wanted to get to the airport and then maybe go into Narita village to buy some gifts for the kids. I promised my son Pokemon cards and he has been so fantastic while I was gone that there was no way I was coming home empty handed! I was so tired when I got here. I put my suitcase in storage as its too early to check in and I found out some information about the internet. They have an amazing system here at Narita. Most passenger areas have wireless LAN. All you do is bring up your web browser and the Narita airport wireless system will automatically come up. It costs 500 yen for 24 hours ( you pay by credit card over the internet) and you can keep logging on and off with your password. It is in departure, arrivals, and at the gate area. I love it!

As I flipped though the info guide for the airport I noticed it has a mall as well…and a toy store. My luck- Pokemon cards! I didn’t even have to leave the airport and I could sit, eat, e-mail and just relax. Apparently there are massage chairs around here too and I might have to go find one of those next.

I wanted to thank all of you that joined me on the yoga adventure to Tokyo. I love getting your comments and questions. I can’t believe I am back here for work next week!


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