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Cuckoo for Lulu November 30, 2007

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I am so sorry for the long delay in blogging. It seems when I returned from Japan real life set in – that translates as the needs of one house, one husband, two children and an old cat. Blogging became secondary to vacuuming, laundry, helping with homework, grocery shopping and a litany of other things that unfortunately are part of my dharma. Though I crave the freedom to be able to practice as I like, meditate every morning and devour thick tomes on yoga and philosophy it really isn’t a practical reality. When I do hit the mat or get to go away to study though, I fall into it with an appreciation that most people could not understand…unless they are too a working mother with a crazy life.

During my time in Japan I met the new CEO of Lululemon Japan– through the gentleman sitting next to me on the plane. ( see my blog on Karma- or just good luck)). I am a former ambassador for a Lululemon in Vancouver. My ambassadorship included me doing yoga demos in store, teaching a few classes and helping out with an outside community event. I also modeled their yoga gear for their photos. All the people you see in Lulu photos are real yogis, pilates instructors, dancers etc. In exchange Lulu helped promote me as a teacher, my studio and gave me a nice little gift card…for free clothing. ( I think I spent it in 4 months.) Nice reciprocal relationship. I figured maybe there is something I could do with Lulu Japan being from the home of Lulu and speaking Japanese and create a new nice reciprocal relationship. And I think the CEO is open to that. Of course nothing ever goes as smoothly as planned…

I came back to Japan for work four days later. I had a two day downtown Tokyo layover. Since I had free time, I asked the CEO if I could offer my time and do a demo for Lulu Japan. They then talked about maybe gorilla yoga instead, then the store said they had a pilates event already that day and could I participate in that? Then they said I could come to the pilates event – but no one would be able to talk to me about anything as they would be too busy… so could I come to the store at 6:00pm to chat?

Not wanting make the Japanese community educator feel pressured at the event to have to deal with me, I bowed out of the event and went and met friends to take some photos.  I went to the store at 6:00pm ( not knowing that the CEO went to the event looking for me… yabai!  not good..not good at all) and they were in a meeting and too busy to see me! Yappari na! I had similar experiences with Lulu Canada but was surprised to see something similar across the pond so to speak. Oh well- all was not lost.

I was introduced to a fellow Japanese ambassador at the store, Padmini,  and we hit off so well that we spent the next two hours chatting at Starbucks and talking about me teaching a workshop at her studio. Funny thing was that when her English boyfriend came to join us for tea he realized that we have a mutual friend. I mean come on! The middle of Tokyo with all it’s millions and I meet someone that has a friend in common with me… and wouldn’t you know it but I took the mutual friend home on a flight the next day! I think he was even more shocked than me when I told him about running into Padmini and her boyfriend.  Sekai ga semai– small world.      

Oh well , better luck with Lulu in the future. I would have loved to do a demo or something in December but my flight schedule was not conducive to it. Maybe January.

On a last, and much happier note, the photo taking experiment was amazing. I took a chance on a mutual blogger, Q, who takes great editorial photos for his blog. He is not a professional but there was something in his style I really liked. He agreed to meet me and shoot some photos and he showed up with his friend K who is also  into photography and basically semi-professional. We spent two hours around Asakusa Temple taking random shots. It was so great to be with two ex-pats that understand Japan as I do and have them try to capture that wa yo feeling. I think they did a pretty good job. Tell me what you think! And yes…everything I was wearing was from Lululemon.


2 Responses to “Cuckoo for Lulu”

  1. Christina Says:

    All I can say is that your hair looks absolutely fabulous. Well, I can ALWAYS say more… like your poses loo beautiful and the clothes are great. But it was defitnely a good hair day. Great to talk with you.

    You sound on fire from the experience in Japan. (Another one joins the club of figuring out how to organize their life around where John is going to be throughout the yeat to get as much time with him as possible.) Welcome to the next phase of Life in Anusara Yoga. (There is a phase after that but the phase you are in is very fun. Expensive, but fun. And totally, without a doubt, worth it.)

    Hello to that gang up there.


  2. shibuiyoga Says:

    Yes- it was a good hair day. My sister likened it to lion’s mane.

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