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Unlimited Potential June 25, 2008

Well today was the final day of teacher training. John packed into 3 days what most trainings do in five. 

We spent a lot of time writing today. John was really onto the idea that if this was your last class, your last day- what would you teach? What would be your message? What would you want your students to know. Well I can tell you it sure as heck isn’t “tuck your tailbone more!”. I really received a lot out of this training- I am better able to see where I really need to refine my practice and my teaching. Rather than feeling discouraged by the long road ahead of me still I am excited. I can get better- I will be better.

I wrote down my motto and last teaching. It was on the concept that we all have unlimited potential. The only thing that limits us is our mind. If we live in our hearts- the place where potential lives- we can live so much more fully. I really took that to heart today- I have unlimited potential- to love, to live, to serve, to be happy. I truly believe that.

The students did lots of small group teaching exercises today trying to teach a pose while being timed and doing all the heart theme as well. We also did some group exercises where we picked out the one main point to adjust. I mean really folks- it was fast and intense. I think John was trying to get the group to tighten up their language and how long they were keeping people in the poses. He said we had a problem as beginning teachers that we were trying to download all our knowledge in each pose. That is just too much for the students to take. Yes, I thought, I have been guilty of that- but at least I have the knowledge so I just need to keep refining my technique. It’s not all bad.

It was “me and the boys” today at practice during break. Marc, Mark, John, Patrick, Yasushi and me. These guys are advanced- they rock. John looked at me and said – ” backbend practice today”. Rather than being scared or nervous I just thought- “Hell- I am strong, maybe I will just let go and see what happens”. And  something happened all right. I did full eka pada rajakopatasana and eka pada rajakopatasana 2 all by myself! I did the first one and thought “WOW!” and then did it on both sides twice. Then when every body went to eprk 2 i thought ” Oh- I’ll try that too!” and sure enough – bang did that one too! I was so amazed- I just wanted to keep doing them all day! John took us through a great warm up to get there though- basic surya A, then lunges , handstand, handstand further away from the wall, pincha, pincha further away from the wall, thigh stretches such as virasana and bekasana leg in lunge, then tons of urdva dhanurasana, dwi pada urdva dhanurasana, drop backs and then into pigeon prep and then the full variation. I am proud to say that I couldn’t do it all, or as well as the boys, but I held my own!

It was Marc’s birthday today and we all sang happy birthday too him while he held a handstand. Great fun. The afternoon continued to have an afterglow about it since I was still high from all the backbending but there were great things I observed and will take into my teaching. I am so excited to get back and teach and yet I still have three days of immersion training!







                                                                                                                                                                     Marc, Mark and I all went out for dinner. The boys were sick of being   underground mall rats so we decided to explore the other side of the station. We had no idea where we going but I just trusted we would fall into something nice and we did. We came out on the other side of the station to the water. This heavenly breeze came up and the salt water smell was so refreashing after three days of being in a stuffy office building. We found a beautiful spot that looked over the tall towers of Yokohama and proceed to share pizza and laughter all evening. They really are two of the nicest people- the more time I spend with them the more I laugh. How can you not like people that make you laugh so hard you can’t breath? We had a little celebration for Marc’s birthday and we all felt very satisfied with our meal and good conversation. What a blessed day- it’s amazing what can happen when you are open to it.


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