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The Culmination of Your Efforts June 30, 2008

Day Three of Immersion

This last day was one of those crazy days. As John starts to settle in to talk, in walks Carlos Pomeda. I have only seen Carlos on DVD so it had that little bit of “rock star” quality when I first saw him. John and Carlos began to give one of the most amazing talks- it was almost what I would call the Anusara pep rally.

John talked on the culmination of all our efforts. He said that nothing that has come before is ever wasted- no effort is ever forgotten. Every time you fall out of a pose you learn something-you gain something, ad then one day that pose suddenly comes. Why is that? It’s because all your previous efforts count. They are collected into the sky of the mind and one day when your right effort aligns you in harmony with Grace- there you are- in the pose. The smallness you felt when you fell out of the pose dozens of times before, all the time you doubted yourself- falls away and the light is revealed. This is the power of Grace.

Carlos had the most elgant way to explain Grace. He said, ” It is not a theory but something you can apply in your life. Grace is available. Grace is difficult to explain but unmistakable when you experience it. It is the power you feel when you are inspired and your heart opens up. The power of your experience of who you are expands.”

John added, ” When Grace descends and and fills us we feel expanded- we feel freedom. There is a revelation of what already is– we do not create something new- the light simply reveals what is already there.”

Carlos went on to say that some people think Grace will be easy, or perhaps should be easy, but it is a play of sun and shadow. It doesn’t mean that it will always be easy, but you will grow fuller and freer. Whether the path is easy or not is another question. But the result is guaranteed. Grace is always there.

The whole morning talk was so rich and so meaningful. They both talked on a few other subjects but if I start getting into them here I will be writing a book! I really could have listened to them both all day and never been bored for a second. I am really looking forward to Carlos coming to Vancouver next Spring.

We took on a rocking practice that day of backbends and arm balancing and just about anything that was challenging and fun. We walked on our hands to each other in urdva dhanurasana and collapsed into laughter. We celebrated each others accomplishments in poses and cheered and clapped. We supported each other in uttita hasta and then all put our legs around our heads. John gave me a helping hand in yogi dandasana- which actually felt amazingly good- I really wish I had a picture of that one! It really is a crazy pose.

It was a culmination of all our previous efforts. All the poses , whether we did them fully or not, counted towards a growing experience of ourselves. We filled that room full of light and everyone’s beauty was revealed. What joy to behold such an experience- the kula in it’s full glory!

John and Carlos summarized the day in one of the last teachings that morning: choice. We alone are responsible for our state. So let’s choose light and align with Grace- this is Anusara.

Powerful and simple. What a way to end!



One Response to “The Culmination of Your Efforts”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Sounds wonderful and full of GRACE – if not now – in time
    love you little sister – you make me smile

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