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Boston TT level 2- Day 2 October 21, 2008

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Today was earth day- a day of cultivating stillness, steadiness. Unfortunately the only place I wanted to be still was in my bed. We got way too little sleep last night and we all paid the price today. I debated whether the earthy theme of muscular energy was a good thing or a bad thing. I mean really – when you are tired what makes you keep your focus, what keeps you mindful and builds the boundaries you need to hold you up? Muscular energy does that. On the flip side muscular energy is hard work and we were a little low on the energy scale. If we had done a water element today, I think we just would have all been puddles.

My brain is whirling with the download of info- which is interesting since I have now been with John in three teacher trainings. It’s not like the info is really all that different from what I have heard from before- it’s just that every time I hear it, I am at a deeper level of my training and new questions come- new perspectives. I love that. I love that our training is not static- every time it just goes deeper. It’s infinite- I will never know everything there is to know about Anusara Yoga. Just as John says every time he sees us he is getting better and more refined in his teaching, I am getting better and more refined in my studentship.

We spent time watching larger demo classes and then we would break away into partners and practice what we had seen and were guided to do. Sometimes I resonated- sometimes I sucked. I found- by no coincidence that the other teachers that I did the best with I felt a connection to…wow the teaching from yesterday. When you don’t have that connection it feels well..disconnected. My teaching felt awkward and insincere. I hope to do better tomorrow.

Well I apologize for no pictures today. We are not allowed to take pictures at training and I was just too exhausted to snap some shots during break. Off to do homework.


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