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Boston Teacher Training Day 3 and 4 October 24, 2008

Trying to write...

Trying to write...

Sjanie studying

Sjanie studying

Day three did not get it’s own post. I just needed a night to rest my brain from themes- which is basically is what I do when I write my blog. John was really after us to condense more- could we get more specific? Could we summarize a person’s life in three words? Could we get so clear and concise on our themes we could summarize them in one sentence that was so potent we went straight to the heart of the teaching? It actually reminded me so much of Pamela Walsh’s 6 word diary ( my fellow yogini in Austin- check out my blog roll). She writes her daily diary in 6 words. So can I summarize a full day of teaching in one sentence? Wow could I do it in 6 words?….let’s try!

Day Three: Theming

Theming is remembering sat chit ananda.


Opposites bring us to the middle.


Themes are cycles, opposites-always heart.


Can you articulate how it feels?

Day 4- The Guru Principle

Any experience which expands the light


Experiencing dark helps enhance the light  


Gee- you are you! (g-u-r-u) lol


This blogs for you Pam- sorry to the rest of you that I lost. It’s a yoga thing.

Christine with a "Guru" onesie

Christine with yoga baby attire

Doing homework

Doing homework


5 Responses to “Boston Teacher Training Day 3 and 4”

  1. Pamela Walsh Says:

    Okay, so I’m totally honored Leanne ~ Rock ON! Give my regards to Bean-town (the birthplace of my eldest child!)

    I have to say that there IS something to summarizing in 6 words. It really makes you focus in & think about what’s the main idea, eh? (See I’m slipping in my old Canadian-isms, for you!) And as a teaching exercise, makes you be concise with your words.

    Thank you for “experiencing the dark helps enhance the light” Great theme of contrasts and so valuable. Been in a personal funk for awhile & this reminds me to pay attention, even ENJOY “the dark” because it gives the background for seeing the light.

    My 6 word closing … “G(lad)-U-R-U … Thank you!”

  2. Pamela Walsh Says:

    How’s it going? Wasn’t sure when y’all finished up out there but if you get a chance go to Faneuil Hall and/or the North end for some great Italian.

    6 words: “Eat, drink, be merry, do yoga!”


  3. Michelle Says:

    Honoured to be your Sister Friend

    Amazing as a child amazing now

    Gift of the heart and mind

    Dad would be puzzled but proud

    Love you Miss you Treasure you

  4. Pamela Walsh Says:

    I LOVE this whole 6 word thing … You don’t even have to understand what the writer is talking about to feel the energy and beauty behind the message.

  5. […] been receiving about this project. Some have joined me on the ride. My new friend Leanne Kitteridge posted of her own 6-word summaries during her recent training with John Friend. (Leanne is an Anusara Inspired […]

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