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Anusara Immersion Part 2- with Robin Golt January 28, 2009

immersion-2-robin-golt-036Everything happens for a reason. I say that a lot. My teacher Christina Sell was supposed to come up to Vancouver to teach part 2 and 3 of the Anusara Immersion but, due to circumstances that were out of everyone’s control, she could not. Rather than cancelling the Immersion, Shelley Tomczyk- fearless owner of Shri Lakshmi Yoga- went into action and found a most wonderful substitute- Robin Golt.

Robin was the first certified Anusara Teacher in Canada and resides in Montreal. Her long involvement in the Siddha Yoga organization, her constant pursuit of  refinement, the knowledge needed to do that and her sweet, humble personality make her a great representative of the Anusara method.  Robin has been studying with John Friend since 1993, a few years before he actually named his methodology. She has had the rare opportunity to work with him in small group settings and be able to learn, in her own words, ” through a process of osmosis”. I met Robin briefly in Boston during Teacher Training with John Friend and I looked forward to learning from her in this Immersion.

I have already completed  the Immersion before but I looked at this as an opportunity to hear and see it through a different lens and see what new insights I might gain. I was so glad I did. Robin’s explanations were assessable and clear and she had some great learning cues -( Maya and her five handmaidens….) The second part of an Anusara Immersion really does have some difficult territory in it: the Tattvas and subtle body anatomy. I cringe when I think that if I become a certified teacher I will have to explain this material with some confidence. 


The Immersion group is a lovely, warm bunch of yoginis. I felt honoured to be able to join in and become part of their group.   There is already a great amount of knowledge in the group- most of them are yoga teachers already- so there is always great contributions to the material we are covering. They are a very able group. I remember the first time I looked at the Tattvas with John: I wanted to crawl out the back of the room!  In contrast ,everyone in the immersion group seemed to handle the material well.  The Tattvas made no sense when I was first introduced to them but now, after a few more years of study, they are getting clearer and clearer. Once you start to get a base in the philosophy, I highly recommend Georg Feurerstein’s book  Tantra: Path to Ecstasy. I looked at it years ago and felt it was a little beyond me but I am now devouring it like a great novel. Amazing how what was so murky can become so clear after a few great teachers.


Robin has been kind enough to come back  May 8th to 14th  for Part 3 of the Immersion. If anyone would like to join the immersion group please contact Shelley at omshelley@yahoo.com. Please bear in mind that pre-requisites are required.



3 Responses to “Anusara Immersion Part 2- with Robin Golt”

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  2. einajs Says:

    Look at those beautiful ladies. Thanks for posting this Leanne; what a great reminder of the power of the Vancouver kula, esp. coming through in a clutch play [sorry, incipient SuperBowl]. I also like what you wrote about how a few great teachers can make what was formerly impenetrable not just clear, but luscious. Hurray for our teachers.

  3. Hey Leanne,

    Nice blog! Great to hear things went well with Robin, John in Seattle, and with Carlos…. one thing about not being in the city anymore is that I miss out on all these great teachers. It’s great to see that you are doing so well and immersed in your yoga. Lots of love to you! Elissa

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