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Cyber Yoga March 10, 2010

I know you guys thought I dropped off the earth but Anusara Certification will do that to you. I have been busy with exams and videos and my poor little blog has gone neglected in the process. Please forgive me.

Out of my time management crisis and the 2010 Winter Olympics in my hometown came a wonderful new discovery: online yoga. I know that there has been mp3 downloads for a while: Elise’s Yoga Kula and Hillary Rubin were pioneers of sorts in that area but the owner of Yogaglo in LA took it a little further: streaming video.

I wasn’t sure if I would like it or not but I was hearing rumblings in the yoga world and thought it may a solution for my time challenged life. I usually drive 40 minutes or so a few times a week to take a public class but sometimes I am  lucky if I have 40 minutes to practice! Anyone else have this problem? The other thing that attracted me was that Yogaglo has certified Anusara teachers on staff and, not having a certified teacher close at hand, that was intriguing as well. As an Anusara Inspired teacher working on certification, having 3 or 4 certified teachers available to you can really bring depth to your teaching. ( yes- I borrow everything……)

For $18 US a month ( the price of a drop in at most studios) I can watch as many classes as I want. One thing I would also like to point out is not only is there asana classes but there are lectures available from well-known scholars such as Sally Kempton and Douglas Brooks. The drop down menu on the site allows you to choose style, length, level and instructor. Even if you have only 30 minutes you can find a practice to suit you. For those that travel,  as long as you have your computer and access to the internet , you are ready to go at any time of day… or night depending on your  jet lag! 

The sound and video quality are excellent. I only had trouble once downloading a class. It was very disappointing as we were halfway through a really great class while it happened! It could have been our modem but I haven’t had time to follow-up. The classes are filmed in a white room with the teacher at the center and the students facing the teacher with their backs to you. It makes you feel like you are in the room with everyone.

The Anusara teachers on Yogaglo are Tara Judelle and Noah Maze and a host of guest teachers: Marc Holzman, Elena Brower, Naime Jezzeny, Scott Lewicki and many others. I have to say that Marc blew me away. His style was the epitome of what I hope to cultivate as an Anusara teacher. Real, open, accessible, intelligent- he really makes you forget you are not right there in the Yogaglo studio. He has an incredible back story as well. Sadly for those who discovered him on Yogaglo he is moving to Paris so here is hoping for a cyber feed from France! Vive la Anusara….

For those time challenged, studio-less, teacher-less, needing a change, traveling yogis please add to the list of cyber resources by commenting below~



One Response to “Cyber Yoga”

  1. hillary Says:

    Thanks for the mention & they did take it to the next level in many ways… They all work together for sure. Good going on your certification its worth the journey!


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