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Yoga Should not be Stressful March 29, 2010

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That was my realization yesterday as I sat in the Vancouver International airport- yoga should not be stressful. I had planned to train with John Friend in Kyoto and Tokyo for 11 days- the first three in Kyoto- since last year some time. I am a planner- ask my friends and family. I am not the “leave everything to the  last minute” type of person. Not that I am not spontaneous – I love surprises! ( as long as I have my credit card and  the right shoes).

I arrived home from Maui with family in tow at 3 am Monday. Slept part of Tuesday and then washed clothes, cleaned house and bought groceries. I go to work Thursday. Flew to Narita for work and arrived home Saturday to a home sans husband. He had flown out that morning to Las Vegas. ( yes- I know- we are both insane!) Running all over town in my uniform, I bought more food, did banking, got medicine and other last minute things for my trip to Japan. I picked up the kids and headed home to a full day of sleepless packing ( I had already gone close to 20 hours by now with no sleep) and fun things like a movie and painting toe nails with my daughter. I wanted my last night with my kids to be family time.

Sadly, I arrived home to a blind pussycat. Old, sick and dying of cancer,  my poor pussycat of 16 years had rapidly gone down hill in a few days. We bundled her up and took her to the vet to wait 2 hours to see a doctor. I knew what was coming but I kept hoping I was wrong. I was right.

We said goodbye to our pussycat Ashita amid wailing and tears as my 10 and 6 year old hugged and held her. I made them leave the room while she was put to sleep but I buried my face in her beautiful fur one last time and cried my heart out while they were not in the room. Death is an inevitable part of life- pets teach our children how to grieve so that when they lose a person there is something to guide them. I brought them back in the room after she had passed . I remember how seeing my dad after he had passed away made me feel somehow better about death- to see how peaceful it could be.  My son said it was the worst day of his 10 year old life. It probably was.

So after that day ( and night)  of tears and sleeplessness, I awoke to head to Japan. Exhausted both emotionally and physically,  I just wanted to get on the plane and sleep. Though I was pretty sure I would have a seat on the flight things can always change when you fly standby and wouldn’t you know it- it changed. Another flight to Asia was over sold and they moved all the passengers to my flight and suddenly no more seats! I always have anxiety when I fly on my pass but now I just felt plain sick. I wasn’t going anywhere. It felt like a little too much.

I drove home in a daze to two happy children- good thing. I took them out for dinner and spent time with them- good thing. I managed to get another backup ticket for the domestic flight to Kyoto- good thing. I found two shirts on the floor I forgot to pack- good thing. I talked to my friends- good thing.  I realized around 8pm that this was not a big deal. I was going to Japan for a yoga training – this was not a medical emergency or something serious- this was supposed to be fun- not stressful. As soon as I sat with that for a few minutes everything changed.I was on an adventure- I would get there eventually and think of all the stories to tell!  There are no bad flights, I always say, just better stories. The cup went back to half full and suddenly everything felt better. We always have a choice- I forgot about that. I chose the light, I chose to see the good. And I am sitting waiting , hoping  to get on the flight once again…who knows what will happen? Whatever it is it will be good.

Aum shri ganesha namah – mantra to Lord Ganesha who helps travelers


One Response to “Yoga Should not be Stressful”

  1. Kim Says:

    Thank you for sharing your experience. It is the paradox of life isn’t it? In order to acquire anything in this world, we need to give up our attachment to it. We still have an intention to fulfill but to let go of the outcome. You have a gift of sharing and I thank you for your story-telling. The ability to unfold life’s process and your insights, your dharma illuminates us all.


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