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Traveling to Tokyo April 1, 2010

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Yesterday was a travel day and there is not a ton to tell but I have few images that I captured to share. I traveled to Tokyo with the Merry Band and was introduced to David Kennedy– the new Anusara Creative Director- and Jai and Mario- amazing photographers and videographers. Check out DK’s photos from Kyoto….

To all of those going to Wanderlust this year- get ready to have your minds blown. I won’t give any secrets away but think Shakti refined Burning Man. Uh- huh…go make your travel plans now people! 

Well the Merry Band seems to be in a poetry writing phase currently and it made me laugh as poetry was my high school passion. My husband found one of my old books once and I was so embarrased. I am very rusty but maybe it’s something I will cultivate again. My sister Michelle is an amazing poet- she writes poetry with such a quirky yet honest view of the world. Sjanie also made a bunch of Haiku Haiku’s in Maui so maybe it is in the yogi’s blood. 

Since I am in Japan, I thought I would write waka– a traditional type of poem that included the styles called choka and tanka. Choka is no longer in use but tanka is still fairly common though not as well known as haiku. Haiku syllable pattern is 5-7-5 where as tanka is 5-7-5-7-7.   

The Tree

I wander the streets 

An observor to the rush 

Heads down people walk 

I look up and see the tree 

Together we watch the crowd


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