Wa Yo Yogi

Leanne Kitteridge's adventures in Yoga

About Wa Yo Yogi October 9, 2007


“Wa -yo” is a Japanese word meaning Japanese and English. So when something is “wa- yo setchu” is it a fusion of East and West.

My name is Leanne and I am a yoga teacher in the West but part of my soul resides in the East – more specifically Japan. I teach a form of yoga known as Anusara® and I am a Anusara® Certified teacher ( updated August 2011). Yoga has been one of the funnest, richest, and most challenging experiences of my life…besides raising two children. 

As well as teaching yoga, I am also a flight attendant. So I usually feel more like a “yo-yo” than “wa-yo” but you get the drift. I have a crazy life- but I love it.  I hope you will enjoy traveling the world with me and doing yoga. Ikimashou! (Let’s go!) 


6 Responses to “About Wa Yo Yogi”

  1. Hello,

    My name is Scott (52yrs) I just started an Anusara 200 hr Teacher Training in Chapel Hill North Carolina.
    I found your site by Googleing “Anusara Themes” (Part of my homework!)

    I am also somewhat connected to Japan in a way…I have a Japanese Zen Teacher…Eido Shimano

    Enjoy your class!!!!



  2. shibuiyoga Says:

    Thanks Scott! Stay in touch and let me knowing how your training goes.
    Leanne :>)

  3. Valeria Says:

    Hi Leanne!

    I sure had fun reading your blog! Have more fun in the next few days – we can hardly wait to have you back!!!!!!!!!


  4. Whitney Says:

    Hi beautiful blooming Saraswati Anusara yogi. I am as fresh as new socks to Anusara … all I can say is Anusara = LOVE x Infinity. Your blog is so rich and inspiring. Thank you for sharing the magical rides you are on. I was in Maui (BG Intensive) and our paths never crossed … I know our spirits did though (maybe why I am here on your site). I hope to meet you in real-time soon. Keep shining bright … you have so much to offer us all!

    Magical sparkles of divine freedom, expanding consciousness, and infinite love!!!


  5. […] instructor, Leanne Kitteridge, captured this gorgeous photo of the sunrise at Mt. Fuji, Japan. In her blog post entitled, How do […]

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